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July 10, 2017

UW Impact Seeks Assistant Director

Job Title: Assistant Director, UW Impact UW Impact, the legislative advocacy program of the UW Alumni Association, is seeking an Assistant Director. This program and position are separate from the University of Washington and are part of the independent, 501 (c) 3 non-profit Alumni Association. Position Summary Working under the supervision of the UW Impact program director, and in collaboration

July 7, 2017

Operating Budget: How Did Your Higher Ed Issues Fare?

Late on Friday, June 30, Governor Inslee signed the 2017-19 biennial operating budget into law. The UW and the higher education sector fared quite well, even as lawmakers focused on meeting their paramount obligation of funding K-12 education. We’re pleased to see investment in the entire spectrum of education reflected in the state’s operating budget. Our friends at UW State

September 30, 2015

Washington is the only state in the country that will actually lower four-year college tuition costs. UWAA member dues support UW Impact, which is the UWAA’s legislative advocacy program. Since 2010, UWAA members and alumni from around the state have joined together to stand up for the UW and public higher education. Together, we’ve sent thousands of messages to our

August 20, 2015

Sign-up to be an Advocate

A strong UW needs strong advocates. UW Impact, the legislative advocacy program of the UW Alumni Association, is dedicated to mobilizing alumni on behalf of restoring state support for the UW and public higher education. UW Impact provides you with information about higher education issues, access to events and tools to contact your legislators. Whether you have plenty of time

August 7, 2015

UW Tech Grads Among the Most Talented in the Nation

Recent UW alums don’t have to get too far off-campus to find a use for their newly-minted technology degrees. Washington’s booming tech industry is responsible for employing 238,900 people, and bringing in over $37 billion in revenue, according to a recent Washington Technology Industry Association study. Not only are our grads located in the heart of the state’s tech hotbed,

July 9, 2015

2015 PHELAP Conference Heads to Tennessee

Few are more apt to authentically speak about an institution’s value than an alumnus. Alumni advocacy has a long and storied role in building and maintaining the pillars of many US public higher education institutions. The role of alumni advocacy has never been more vital than it is today. Beginning in 2008, public higher education budgets became a ready target

July 8, 2015

Historic Legislative Session Comes to an End

The 2015 legislative session is wrapping up as a historic victory for public higher education and the UW — thanks in part to the efforts of our advocates around the state. Washington is the only state in the country that will actually lower four-year college tuition costs. We are proud of the long list of policy achievements we were able to

June 4, 2015

Clock Ticks as Budget Writers Draw their Lines in the Sand

Budget writers from both chambers unveiled their latest “offers” this week, and neither side appears to have reached much compromise. Each feature relatively minor adjustments — with the only real change coming as a result of the state’s rosier than expected revenue forecast. Senator Andy Hill released his offer SB 6050 last Friday, and the House budget chair Ross Hunter

May 28, 2015

Report: Rebounding Economy is Leaving Higher Ed Funding Behind

Public higher education funding was among the hardest when lawmakers went looking for ways to shore up their recession budget crises. The economy is improving nationwide, yet higher education budgets remain in a pre-recession hole in 47 states, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities new report. Washington State’s public institutions faced dramatic cuts beginning in 2008; almost

Stay Tuned: Budget Gridlock Heads to 2nd Overtime

The first special session is over, and our state legislators have made little progress toward a final budget agreement. Lawmakers will get 30 more days to negotiate a compromise – or we face a July 1 government shutdown. What does this gridlock mean for the University of Washington? Key challenges include: Tuition costs remain a mystery until a budget is

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