Stay Civically Engaged with UW Impact

Each legislative session, UW Impact mobilizes alumni and friends of the UW to champion state investment in higher education. Your advocacy has helped secure funding for the Washington College Grant, expansion of high demand degree programs, student support services, and more.

But what do we do when the Legislature isn’t in session? We offer programs to keep you informed about and engaged in the democratic process, we provide graduating seniors with information to stay registered to vote, we host advocacy trainings to prepare advocates for session, and we partner with units and departments to bring you information on emerging policy issues.

Look for the following post-session:

  • Voter education initiatives such as the higher education candidate survey. How does YOUR state legislative candidate feel about higher education? Find out in September 2024!
  • Informational presentations on misinformation, AI and more, designed for alumni from the Center for an Informed Public.
  • An ongoing opportunity to join District Dawgs, our advocacy champions in each legislative district.

Stay connected to UW Impact on this web site, by signing up for our emails. and via Facebook, Instagram, and X.