UW Impact

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is UW Impact a partisan program?

A: No. UW Impact is non-partisan. Red and blue make Husky purple.

Q: Does UW Impact endorse candidates?

A: No, UW Impact may not endorse candidates due to state and federal guidelines. UW Impact does, however, invite all candidates to participate in election-year surveys so members can learn about the candidates’ higher education views. Surveys are published as answered without additional UW Impact commentary or opinions. See our 2018 survey here.

Q: How can I get involved with UW Impact?

A: UW Impact works to engage and educate UWAA members, alums and community members about the value of the UW and public higher education. We host advocacy training events, lectures, community conversations with local lawmakers and other educational opportunities. We also ask our advocates to send messages to their lawmakers in support of higher education and the UW.

  • To send a message to your legislators on a current higher education issue, click here.
  • To be added to our email list, click here.
  • For more information or to ask a question of the UW Impact team, please email us!

Q: Does UW Impact focus its efforts on state government or federal government?

A: Most of our work focuses on state reinvestment in higher education and issues affecting the UW at the state level. These issues generally have the most direct and immediate impact on our public university. From time to time, we may urge advocacy at the federal level.

Q: I am a UW employee. May I use UW Impact resources?

A: You may only use UW Impact resources during non-work hours, on your personal computer or mobile device, and using your personal email address.

Q: Can I participate in UW Impact programming if I am not a member?

A: Yes, but please make sure we know how to contact you. Contact us with your name, address and email address and let us know that you’d like to be added to our database for future correspondence.