Huskies Building Bridges

Group of people deep in conversation

What is causing political division and disconnection in your community? Are folks around you feeling checked out, numb to the headlines, minimally engaged? This could be your chance to rebuild the trust and connection that is necessary to repair what is broken!

Civic Saturday gatherings are happening all across the United States as a way to bring friends and strangers together to nurture a spirit of shared purpose.

UW Impact and the UWAA are working in partnership with Citizen University to offer an exclusive opportunity for UW alumni to participate in a Husky Civic Saturday Fellowship, to become trained in a community gathering method that can be used to build bridges across political divisions.

Interested in attending a free training and joining the movement with like-minded Huskies?

Apply by June 21, 2023.
Free 4-day Husky Civic Saturday Fellowship Training runs Oct. 3–6,
with Opening Dinner on Oct. 3.

The Husky Civic Saturday Fellowship runs Oct. 2023–March 2024.

Learn more and apply by clicking here.