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District Dawgs

Interested in participating in District Dawgs? Learn more about the program below and tell us about your passion for supporting students and the University of Washington:

What is UW Impact?

UW Impact is the University of Washington Alumni Association’s legislative advocacy program. Our mission is to engage UW alumni and stakeholders in legislative advocacy that advances the university and public higher education in the state of Washington.

What is a District Dawg?

District Dawgs (DD) are proud UW Alumni who believe in the value of higher education in the state of Washington. District Dawgs support the UW and higher education through legislative district-based engagement with lawmakers and their community. Using UW Impact resources, District Dawgs help coordinate opportunities for alums, neighbors, family and friends to learn about the value of higher education, build relationships with local lawmakers, and generate support for higher education.

District Dawgs Spotlight

Dave Stone, 36th District UW Business School, 1968

How did you begin to advocate with UW Impact?

I believe in 2010 or 2011, I met the acting director and she described what UW Impact wanted to do. We discussed our mutual goals and objectives in more detail, and I decided to begin advocating.

What has been rewarding about advocating for higher education and what have you learned?

My involvement in advocating for higher education as a District Dawg has been deeply enriching. The most rewarding aspect has been the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with influential political leaders and dedicated alumni of the University of Washington, all united by a common mission to improve the prospects of students and effect positive change.

What I have learned is that advocacy is not limited to advocating for our university; it is a catalyst for more significant change that extends beyond campus boundaries and into the governance and well-being of the State of Washington. These discussions and actions, whether they result in substantial or incremental changes, reflect the power of collective commitment and inspire hope for a better future.

What would you share with other alumni that want to get involved?

I firmly believe that many of us share a common desire to be advocates for change. While it's undoubtedly valuable to express our concerns through sharing posts on social media or engaging in passionate and profound conversations with friends and family, real impact can be found in positioning ourselves at the very heart of these consequential discussions. Getting actively involved with the UW Alumni Association offers a promising starting point.

Within our UW Impact community, Program Director Courtney Acitelli and Associate Director Chris Olsen-Phillips stand as powerful allies, compassionately facilitating dialogues and equipping each one of us to be powerful voices for the issues we hold close to our hearts. If you resonate with this shared sense of purpose and aspire to make a meaningful impact, I encourage you to get involved with the UWAA, and let your voice be heard.

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District Dawgs Norms:

  • We are an inclusive program dedicated to representing the interests of UW alumni and students and are committed to championing diversity in both our membership and our actions.
  • We are a non-partisan program and seek to include individuals across the political spectrum who support the UW and higher education. We welcome different perspectives but share a common understanding about the impact higher education has across all of Washington state and the contributions the University of Washington makes to the world through its research, medicine, and students.
  • We are dedicated to supporting the interests of the UW and higher education and recognize that supporting these interests will be the primary focus of UW Impact civic engagement and advocacy.