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March 26, 2013

$300 Million for Higher Ed? Not Quite.

Recently, the State Senate Majority Coalition Caucus rolled out a proposal that appeared to include $300 million in “new funding” for higher ed, and a 3% tuition cut for undergraduate students. A big state investment in higher education AND lower tuition for students? We were ready to jump for joy – until we looked a bit closer. Turns out, the

September 6, 2012

The Times recommends: Approve SJR 8223, lift limits on UW, WSU investments

Senate Joint Resolution 8223 would lift restrictions on the UW’s and WSU’s ability to invest certain public funds in private companies or stock. According to The Seattle Times, “that’s a smart idea whose time has come.” Read more about the endorsement: http://seattletimes.com/html/editorials/2018979342_edit22investmentsxml.html

April 19, 2012

Legislature Passes Budget With No Cuts To Higher Education

On April 11, 2012, the state legislators passed a budget that contains NO CUTS to higher education.  Legislators on both sides of the aisle agreed: preserving state funding for higher education is critical to the long-term health and vitality of our state. Thank you, advocates.  Your commitment to advocating for the UW made a real difference. Read more about it in The Daily

March 21, 2012

Back on Track: Zero Proposed Cuts to Higher Ed

Your advocacy is working: the two most recent versions of the state budget contain ZERO additional cuts to higher education.  Read more about the “compromise budget” here: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/politicsnorthwest/2017757250_republicans_and_democrats_agre.html Our work is not finished, however: these budgets are still in various stages of negotiation.  Contact your legislators today to ask them to hold fast to the no-education-cuts budget.

March 3, 2012

What is Happening in Olympia?

Into the early hours of Saturday morning, Senate budget negotiations took an unexpected turn in Olympia.  The resulting proposal is detrimental to higher education and the UW. The new Senate budget proposal contains $30 million in cuts to higher education – cuts that disproportionately affect the UW and WSU.  This budget proposes a reduction in tuition waivers that could eliminate

February 27, 2012

Want to learn more about SB 5576?

In the face of budget cuts, some common-sense legislative reforms would allow the UW to operate more efficiently and to have flexibility in its business practices. Senate Bill 5576 would REDUCE the costs of campus construction projects for the UW, creating much-needed jobs and allowing UW to provide the labs, classrooms and other learning environments so critical to our quality of education. 

February 9, 2012

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February 1, 2012

Join Us: Six Presidents

All six of Washington’s public university presidents in one place? You bet. Tonight, 2/1, they will discuss the higher ed funding crisis and how it affects our state. Please join us at Town Hall for this unprecedented event. http://townhallseattle.org/six-presidents-an-unprecedented-conversation-on-higher-education-funding-in-washington/

November 8, 2011

David Horsey Blog: “There is light here at this university; let it continue to exist.”

David Horsey, UW alumnus and Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, has written an eloquent blog post on his love for the University of Washington and his frustration over continued cuts to higher education.  We share Horsey’s frustration and encourage other UW admirers to read this post and to use UW Impact’s resources to contact your elected officials today. http://blog.seattlepi.com/davidhorsey/2011/11/07/legislators-are-the-party-poopers-at-the-uws-150th-birthday-party/

October 24, 2011

UW Impact Mourns the Loss of Senator Scott White (D-46)

UW Impact is saddened to learn of the death of Senator Scott White (D-46).  Senator White was a tireless advocate for higher education and the University of Washington, from which he received a master’s degree in public administration in 2001. Alison Carl White has released the following statement: Scott’s family and I wish to express our appreciation for the outpouring of support

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