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September 14, 2011

Seattle Times Editorial: Crisis in state’s funding of higher education puts our future at risk

Kudos to the University of Washington for 150 years as a provider of educational excellence and access to our state’s best and brightest. The sesquicentennial offers a compelling glance back at the school’s remarkable history and accomplishments, but the occasion can also serve as a reminder of the UW’s valued role as one of the region’s biggest economic engines. The

September 12, 2011

Seattle Times: Greater good Campaign to be launched by The Times, 5 co-sponsors

The Seattle Times Co., along with five co-sponsors, is launching a yearlong public-education campaign to highlight the impact of Washington state’s higher-education system on job creation and quality of life. Called The Greater good Campaign, it aims to build awareness that the state’s higher-education system provides a broader public good by creating jobs and enhancing competitiveness, economic growth and innovation.

July 5, 2011

Seattle Times Editorial: Needed UW tuition hikes a failure of lawmakers

A 20 percent jump in tuition at the University of Washington is necessary to help a treasured state institution maintain educational quality and access for state students. The UW had no alternative but to turn to tuition for revenue after repeated failues by the state Legislature to come up with adequate funding. The school went beyond a 16 percent increase

May 11, 2011

The Daily: House passes bill to give tuition-setting authority to Regents

The Washington state House of Representatives voted 79 to 17 Monday to give tuition-setting authority to the state’s public universities for the next four years. House Bill 1795 (HB 1795), sponsored by Rep. Reuven Carlyle, D-Seattle, hands over tuition-setting authority for the UW from the Legislature to the UW Board of Regents. Norm Arkans, UW associate vice president for media relations and

April 18, 2011

Want to Learn More About House Bill 1795?

UW Impact encourages you to urge your legislators to vote in favor of HB 1795.  Why?  This bill does the following: Gives higher education institutions the ability to set tuition rates for the next four years. This will allow the UW to reform its financial structures and focus on the best outcomes for our students and the state. Holds institutions accountable to

April 5, 2011

Seattle Times: Why straight-A’s may not get you into UW this year

**This post is from 2011.** Soon after the University of Washington’s acceptance letters for undergraduate admission went out in the mail last month, the rumors started flying at local high schools. High-school seniors with top test scores didn’t get in. Students who got into more prestigious schools were wait-listed at the UW. Valedictorians with straight-A’s were denied admission, while out-of-state

UWAA President Colleen Fukui-Sketchley

March 21, 2011

Bellingham Herald Op-Ed: Alumni Must Come Together to Fight for Higher Education

Higher education in our state is at a crossroads. In one direction lies a path of necessary innovation, economic vitality and limitless opportunities for a citizenry growing by leaps and bounds. In the other, closed doors and minds, economic decline and mounting despair. Which road is taken will be determined by us: the citizens of the state of Washington. For

March 5, 2011

UW Funding Overview

Since tuition is rising at a faster rate than inflation and personal income, many believe that the costs at the University of Washington have skyrocketed over time. This is not the case. Over the past 20 years, total funding per student at the UW has remained mostly constant. Today, state funding is the same as it was in 1990, even

Interim UW President Phyllis Wise’s recent letter to the Washington State Legislature

Phyllis M. Wise, Interim President February 23, 2011 The Honorable Ed Murray The Honorable Rodney Tom Washington State Senate The Honorable Ross Hunter The Honorable Larry Seaquist Washington State House of Representatives Dear Legislators: Today’s University of Washington is the result of generations of strong partnerships and strategic public and private investments in higher education. In return, UW’s students, faculty,

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