March 22: Husky Caucus Day

On Wednesday, March 22 UW Impact is headed down to Olympia to recognize all the UW alumni who are currently serving in the Legislature. We have UW alums on both sides of the aisle, and from all types of educational backgrounds. From degrees in nursing to social work, pharmacy to electrical engineering, all of these Huskies have found themselves in public service.

With 31 of them in total, we are going to bring some purple gear for their office, information on how they can support the UW’s priorities this session and a sincere thanks for the work they do in public service. Check the list below to see if you can find your legislators – or even a class mate – and send them a quick note from alum to alum!

Don’t know your lawmaker? Click here to find their name and contact info.

The 2017 Husky Caucus

Washington State House of Representatives

  • Steve Bergquist, B.A. History, Political Science, 2002
  • Michelle Caldier, B.S. Biology, D.D.S. Dentistry, 1997, 2001
  • Frank Chopp, B.A. General Studies,1975
  • Judy Clibborn, B.S. Nursing,1965
  • Laurie Dolan, B.A. English, Certificate in Education,1973
  • Jessyn Farrell, B.A. History, 1996
  • Jake Fey, B.A. Political Science, 1971
  • Joe Fitzgibbon, M.A. Public Affairs, 2009
  • Mia Gregerson, B.A. History,1997
  • Ruth Kagi, B.A. Political Science,1967
  • Nicole Macri, M.A. Public Administration, 2007
  • Gina McCabe, B.A. Political Science, 1992
  • Tina Orwall, B.S. Psychology, M.A. Social Work, 1988, 1991
  • Eric Pettigrew, M.A. Social Work, 1987
  • Gerry Pollet, J.D. Law, 1983
  • Marcus Riccelli, M.A. Public Affairs, 2007
  • Cindy Ryu, B.S. Microbiology, M.A. Business Administration, 1980, 1983
  • Vandana Slatter, Ph.D. Pharmacy, M.A. Public Administration, 1990, 2005
  • Melanie Stambaugh, B.A. Business Administration, 2013
  • Derek Stanford, Ph.D. Statistics, 1999

Washington State Senate

  • John Braun, B.S. Electrical Engineering, 1989
  • Maralyn Chase, B.A. and M.A. Political Science, 1972, 1974
  • Joe Fain, B.A. Political Science, 2003
  • Bob Hasegawa, M.A. Public Administration, 2009
  • Steve Hobbs, B.A. Political Science, M.A. Public Administration,1994, 2011
  • Curtis King. B.S. Physics, Mathematics, 1969
  • Mark Mullet, M.A. Public Administration, 2009
  • Steve O’Ban, B.A. History, 1984
  • Christine Rolfes, M.A. Public Affairs, 1991
  • Tim Sheldon, M.A. Business Administration, 1972