Spring 2013 Town Hall Meetings

Stand up and speak out on behalf of the UW and higher education! Legislators are coming to a town hall meeting near YOU on March 16 or later.  Check the latest schedule of town hall meetings at the link below.  Most will be held on Saturday, March 16. 

2013 Town Hall Meetings

What will you say at your town hall meeting?  Some speaking points:

  • Ask your legislators how they will demonstrate their commitment to higher education this session.
  • Tell them to keep higher education as a top priority this session, and that NOW is the time to consider reinvestment.
  • Reinvestment would keep tuition affordable and higher education more accessible.
  • Investing in the UW makes sense. For every $1 the state invests in the UW, $22 is generated back to the state economy. 
  • The UW is the 3rd largest non-military employer in the state, providing about 70,000 jobs in Washington. 
  • Tell your legislators that you know they have tough choices to make, but now is the time to support higher education and the UW.

Don’t know your legislative district? Find it here.