End of Legislative Session: What Huskies Can Do

We hope all is well and that you and your loved ones are staying healthy. We are proud that the UW and other research institutions are helping to find solutions in this uncertain time.

We know our governor and elected officials are busy navigating the effects and impact of COVID-19 across the state. We commend their efforts toward keeping us safe. 

We are also paying close attention to our state’s budget as the legislative session comes to an end. The final budget still takes tuition revenue away from the UW and other higher ed institutions to pay for the Office of Financial Management’s new financial system.

We don’t think this is right, and according to the hundreds of emails UW Impact advocates sent to lawmakers last week, neither do you. Many lawmakers agree, but they were unable to reverse course by the end of the session.

This spring and summer, when your officials return to their neighborhoods, we will send you periodic reminders and tools to help you remind them of this issue.

Your voice matters – we helped preserve the investments in the Workforce Education Investment Act this session, and we believe we can change course on this too.

Thank you for continuing to advocate and for helping us keep tuition revenue where it belongs: benefiting students at their institutions.