UW students rally in protest of ed cuts

Snipped from komonews.com
Submitted by Denise Whitaker, Komo 4 News Reporter
Friday, February 11th, 06:01pm

UW students rally in protest of ed cutsHundreds of University of Washington students rallied in Olympia on Friday to protest against education budget cuts.

Students barked loud and clear: they don’t want state lawmakers to cut money going to the university.

Sure, they want to keep financial aid and avoid tuition going up, but their message is more than that.

“We want the insitutution to be the best that it can be,” said Sarah Reynevelds, a third-year law student.

Reyneveld believes the quality of education may really suffer if proposed cuts go into effect, moving the level of spending back more than 20 years.

Instead, these students say the state needs to invest in the future and they do have some lawmakers on their side.

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