UW Impact plans to mobilize alumni in lobbying efforts

Snipped from dailyuw.com
By Sarah Schweppe
January 6, 2011

The UW Alumni Association (UWAA) wants a stronger presence in Olympia and is hoping to achieve that with the launch of UW Impact.

UW Impact is a nonprofit advocacy resource that provides publicly accessible information about legislative issues facing the University of Washington. In the spring of 2010, UWAA Board of Trustees members and Courtney Acitelli, now the program director for UW Impact, decided that they wanted to reposition the association’s resources toward legislative advocacy in order to better respond to what Acitteli believes to be the UW’s unsuccessful attempts in Olympia.

“Our goal is singular and that is to harness the incredible energy of hundreds of thousands [of] alumni and supporters in an effective public advocacy voice in support of the University of Washington and higher education,” UWAA President Colleen Fukui-Sketchley said at a Dec. 22 press conference.

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