UW and Higher Ed Win!

We did it.

Our state lawmakers passed a budget that includes the most significant investment in higher education in more than a decade. In this biennium alone, the new Workforce Education Investment Fund will generate $376 million in revenue for post-secondary education and training. Wow!

At the UW, the revenue in this budget will:

  • Fully fund the State Need Grant, which will remove financial barriers for thousands at the UW and at other institutions across the state.
  • Allow the UW to offer fair compensation to faculty and staff, making it easier to recruit and retain top personnel.
  • Invest in the expansion of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) degree programs on all 3 UW campuses, allowing the UW to turn out more graduates with these high-demand skills.

This victory comes after Huskies sent thousands of emails, visited Olympia, testified in person and via written testimony, and made their love for higher education known to their legislators. Pres. Cauce notes the impact of this incredible purple wave of advocacy in her recap of the session here.

Thank you for your advocacy!
The UW Impact team