The University of Washington’s 2019 State Legislative Agenda

The Washington State 2019 legislative session begins January 14th and is scheduled to last 100 days to craft biennial (two-year) operating and capital budgets for the state. Here is a preview of the requests the UW will make – and that UW Impact will champion, during the 2019 legislative session:

Top Budget Priorities

  • Maintaining Quality and Excellence:
    • Four percent compensation increases for UW faculty and professional staff to recruit and maintain a talented and qualified workforce in an expensive city.
    • A commitment of at least a 50 percent state funding share (same as other state universities) for compensation and central service expenses, which will relieve some of the financial burden from tuition-paying students.

Additional Budget Priorities

  • Access: $35 million to construct a new STEM education facility at UW Bothell in partnership with Cascadia College which would enable an additional 500 full-time students to enroll by fall 2021.
  • High-demand degrees and skills:
    • $ 5 million to design a new interdisciplinary teaching and research facility for the College of Engineering in Seattle which would serve over 7,000 students.
    • $1.81M for UW Tacoma to establish a B.S program in mechanical and civil engineering which would add approximately 180 additional enrollments.
    • $4 Million over the biennium to enable the College of Arts & Sciences to teach data science and analytics to 1,200 non-STEM students per year beginning in 2021.

To see the University of Washington’s full 2019 priorities, click here.

With significant investments in K-12 and a positive revenue outlook, state lawmakers in Washington have said “this is the year for higher education.” We sure hope that holds true.

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