Thanks, Huskies! 2022 Legislative Session Recap

We have come to the end of the state legislative session, and the news is good: Our Legislature made significant investments in the UW and higher education. 

Advocates like YOU helped secure the following outcomes:

Access and Affordability:

  • The Legislature invested in an expansion of the Washington College Grant, which will allow qualifying students to receive bridge grants for non-tuition expenses such as books and room and board.
  • The Legislature appropriated funds for a low-interest (1%), state-sponsored college loan program.
  • Lawmakers also funded targeted outreach programs to get more students into the higher ed pipeline by applying for state and federal aid.

Quality and Excellence:

  • The state invested in compensation for faculty and staff at all public higher education institutions. The “fund split” – the amount the state pays for salaries versus the amount each institution pays – is the most generous fund split in more than a decade. Fair compensation will help the UW attract and retain the highest quality faculty and staff.

High-Demand Degrees:

  • Lawmakers invested $2M to expand slots in UW Computer Science and Engineering, with a special focus on recruiting under-represented students.
  • The Legislature funded maintenance and operations for UW Tacoma’s brand new Milgard Hall, which will house business and engineering students.

In all, we see significant investments in our top priorities during a supplemental budget session.

Please thank your lawmakers for their hard work by sending an email now. Consider personalizing it for greatest impact – which funded item feels most important to you, and why?

Finally, a round of applause for YOU. Your 750+emails to lawmakers helped make this happen. Thank you for your advocacy for students at the UW and at institutions across the state.