Retain Funding for the Life Sciences Discovery Fund

UW Impact stands with the president of the UW, the president of WSU, and numerous leaders across the health sciences industry: do not cut funding for the Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF). The Senate sent the wrong message when they eliminated the LSDF in their supplemental budget proposal. Cutting millions of research dollars across the state — including an $11 million cut to the UW — is bad for our state, our citizens and our economy.

Since 2005, LSDF grants have:

  • Resulted in $450 million in additional research dollars flowing into the state.
  • Saved an estimated $67 million in unneeded health care costs – resulting in a seven-fold return on the original LSDF investment.
  • Created over 3,000 jobs and one billion dollars in economic activity.
  • Lead to some 33 startup companies.

Read more in this letter to Sen. Rodney Tom from some of our region’s top leaders in academia and science:
Letter re LSDF – Senate – 2-28-14

Take action to preserve funding now – send a message to your legislators by clicking here.