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UW Impact conducts a non-partisan candidate survey prior to every Washington State legislative election in order to provide alums and UWAA members with information on the candidates who champion the value of public higher education.

Please see below for your candidates’ answers to UW Impact’s 2016 higher education questionnaire. You may search by candidate name, legislative district and sort information within each column by clicking the arrows to the left of the column header. Answers followed by a green plus sign have expanded content. Click the yes or no answer to see the candidate’s full commentary.

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Bob Apple

Chamber: House, Pos. 2
Legislative District: 3
Q & A
The state’s revenue shortfall means public institutions face significant budget cuts. During the last recession, state lawmakers slashed higher education funding by more than 50% because they expected institutions to raise tuition to cover it. In the era of COVID-19 and state-capped tuition, this approach will not work. Will you work to ensure that higher education does not bear more than its fair share of coming budget cuts?
As an elected official I will represent my constituents wishes on any and all issues and above those of special interests. Tragically I believe the impacts of COVID will exceed those of the 08' recession as we look at evictions and foreclosures from US Congressional failures. Money and from where will bring big issues.
2019’s Washington Education Investment Act (WEIA) fully funded state-based aid, expanded STEM enrollments to provide graduates for our state’s biggest employers, and provided critical foundational institutional support. The fund could face a shortfall of millions of dollars due to the current economic crisis. Learn more about WEIA here. Despite this expected shortfall, will you work to maintain the funding commitments made in the WEIA?
However the recipients must be WA State residents who have grown up in WA only that include the constituents of mine and other districts equally represented. I am concerned about limited time residents coming here to scarf up resources I believe should assist our residents children only.
All six of Washington’s public universities and the State Board for Technical and Community Colleges made public racial equity commitments during the heightened racial tensions this summer. Studies have shown a widening wealth gap and inequitable higher education policies have hindered BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) students’ ability to persist in post-secondary education and to reap the economic and societal benefits of education beyond high school. Do you support funding our public institutions specifically to address equity gaps in education and encourage economic mobility?
I believe we should be treated all equally and fix any part of our government that fails to recognize that fact that has made our nation great. I do believe there has been a divide of less middle class families pushed towards poverty but that is occurring irrespective of race in my region where minimum wage is the often a guide to general pay rather than abilities determining higher pay and a business able and willing to pay higher wages. Simply discrimination is not something I will advocate and regardless of claimed justifications.
UW Medicine is facing temporary furloughs and reduced staff, with over $500 million lost due to a very necessary COVID-19 response. Will you work with your colleagues in the legislature to support financial solutions for UW Medicine in its unique role as the state’s academic medical center?
Clearly with the UW Higher Education medical training facility in my District we should make it a win-win for residents and students alike in attaining the education and assisting others throughout the process. Further we need to make the desire to practice medicine more desirable and limiting liability of trained professionals to practice there developing expertise with oversight should help with that goal in the long term. Our State offers various medical coverage and perhaps should offer even more to our residents and to save far more in the long run.