Husky Caucus Directory

More than 30 members of the University of Washington alumni community show their commitment to public service by serving in the Washington State Legislature. These members are found on both sides of the aisle, hail from a wide array of educational backgrounds, and represent communities from across Washington state.

The UW Impact Husky Caucus Directory highlights UW alumni serving in the Washington State Legislature. Our directory includes alumni from all three campuses and contains context about the districts they represent and information about their UW background. Many of them shared their favorite UW memory, their favorite place on campus, or the ways their UW education shaped their current legislative role. Thank you, Husky Caucus!

Together, these Huskies enact higher education legislation and other key policies which play a vital role in the prosperity of our university community and beyond. State funding for higher education is an investment in the future of all Washingtonians.

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