Husky Caucus Day- SAVE THE DATE, February 22

On February 22, members of the UW Alumni Association Board of Trustees will be heading to Olympia to deliver fun, UW-themed trinkets to Huskies serving in our State Legislature. Want to amplify our message of state support for public higher education? On February 22, contact your own legislators (Huskies or not!) and remind them of the legions of higher education supporters among their constituents. Click here to participate on February 22. – we make it easy! You can test the tool today.


Notes for this advocacy campaign:

  • I am a graduate of the UW and a constituent in your district.
  • Today, a group of Huskies descended on Olympia bearing fun trinkets for UW alumni serving in office.
  • I am writing today to amplify their message of state support for public higher education.
  • I know you have many priorities this session, but as you and your colleagues work toward completing the supplemental budget, please keep higher education in mind as a key issue – one that transcends partisan politics.