Huskies Vote (in the upcoming primary election)!


Are you civically engaged? Most Huskies are. In a statewide survey, 87% of Huskies said they are frequent voters, 48% are political donors, and 56% say they regularly volunteer.

So, Huskies, it’s primary time. Last week, we encouraged you to attend your town hall meetings. This week and next, we ask you to join alums across the country in voting. Taking part in elections is one of the most important ways to make your voice heard. The primary election determines which candidate(s) will appear on the ballot for an upcoming general election, narrowing the field of candidates. Make sure you are registered to vote – or update your voter registration if you’ve moved. Voter registration takes only a few minutes and can be completed online, here. This year’s primary election will be held on March 10, 2020.

We also encourage educating yourself beyond your philosophical bubble. Whether you vote red or blue, as UW alumni, together we represent Husky purple. We challenge ourselves to move through the wider world — as critical and informed thinkers, engaged citizens and independent voices. Our Common Ground resource offers a thought-provoking selection of perspectives, lectures, and events from within the UW community and the state at large.

If you care about post-secondary opportunities for current and future Huskies (and even Cougars, Geoducks and more), join UW Impact and become an advocate for the higher education issues that matter in this state and beyond. UW Impact is the UW Alumni Association’s legislative advocacy program, and we make advocating for higher education simple with easy online tools and timely action alerts. Hundreds of alums and friends advocate with us every session – and we need your voice too!