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Doctors Agree: Grow the University of Washington in Spokane

Doctors: Please support the UW by adding your name to the open letter below. Join us in spreading the message that the state of Washington will be best served by an approach to medical education that is cost-effective, produces doctors immediately, and builds upon UW’s top-ranked medical school.


We the undersigned are doctors who support the University of Washington’s efforts to expand medical education in Spokane.

Washington needs more doctors. The best way to address this need is the subject of debate across our state as the Legislature considers whether to provide for a second state-supported medical school. The undersigned doctors are united in our support for an expansion of the UW School of Medicine in Spokane.

We believe Washington will be best served by an approach that is cost-effective, produces doctors immediately, and builds upon UW’s top-notch medical school, which is ranked number one in primary care, rural medicine and family care by U.S. News & World Report.

We support the UW because its plan would triple the number of medical students in Spokane by 2021 at a cost of $20 million in public funding per year, versus $30 million per year for a new medical school. The UW School of Medicine’s annual cost per student is $71,000, well below the national average, meaning a relatively low burden on students and taxpayers alike.

We want to emphasize a final point: we are fans of both of our state’s public universities. This is not about Huskies and Cougars. This is about training world-class doctors at an affordable cost.

The best way to accomplish this goal is to grow the UW in Spokane.

**your signature**

67 signatures


66 Jamie Coleman Walla Walla, WA
65 Matthew Hollon Spokane, WA
64 Terry Judge Spokane, Washington
63 Sam Sharar Seattle, WA
62 Richard Seaman Olympia, WA
61 Laura Lippman Seattle , Wa
60 Kenneth Perko, MD Centralia, Washington
59 George Cox Mukilteo, Washington
58 George Thomas Seattle, Washington
57 Jack Bunn Suquamish, WA
56 Sandra Counts, MD Seattle, WA
55 Frank Backus, MD Seattle, WA
54 roger rowles yakima, Washington
53 Douglas Macduff Redmond, Wa
52 Paul Johnson Mount Vernon, WA
51 Mario Forte Longview, WA
50 Geoffrey Greenberg, M.D. Yakima, WA
49 Bruce Becker Spokane, Wa
48 Marr Mullen Mercer Island, Washington
47 George Birchfield Seattle , WA
46 Karen Stern
45 Alexander Sytman,MD Mercer Island , Washington
43 Clifford (Jerry) Sells Bow, Washington
42 Melissa Ashby Bellingham, WA
41 Daniel Benedetti Seattle, WA
40 Isamu Kawabori Lake Forest Park, Washington
39 David Greeley Spokane, WA
38 Robert Brunton Olympia, WA
37 Jim MacLean Anacortes, Washington
36 Joseph Rank Seattle, Washington
35 Raymond Vath Redmond, Washington
34 Hal Leland Edmonds, WA
33 H. Thomas Wiegert Mercer Island, Washington
32 Kathryn Pearson Seattle , WA
31 Gregory Schroedl Seattle, Wa
30 Anna Chavelle Seattle, Wa
29 Paul Williams Mount Vernon, WA
28 Ann Begert Edmonds, WA
27 Linda Quan Bellevue, Wa
26 Laurent Nicolov Snohomish, WA
25 Lindy Klaff Seattle, WA
24 Fielding Stapleton Seattle, WA
23 Larry Forsythe Bow, Wa
22 Janet Carroll Bellevue, WA
21 Ronald Anderson Tacoma, Washington
20 Kevin Mccarty Seattle, Wa
19 Herbert Berry Seattle, Wa
18 Mitra Ehsan Clyde Hill, WA
17 Douglas Shearer Granger, WA
16 Katherine Gentry Seattle, WA
15 J. Geoffrey Stevenson MD Kirkland, WA
14 James Dodge Yakima, Washington
13 Robert Howisey, MD Seattle, Washington
12 Armando Quiroz Yelm, Wa
11 Laurence Yeung Seattle, WA
10 Dennis Carlson Bainbridge Island, WA
9 William Bilnoski University Place, Wa
8 Dennis Reichenbach MD Seattle, WA
7 Melvin Belding Seattle, Washington
6 Janice Carlton Olympia, wa
5 Patrick McClean Normandy Park, Washington
4 David Baker Seattle, WA
3 Scott Stuart, MD Seattle, WA
2 Stephanie Fosback Pullman, Washington
1 Charles M. Sackmann Ritzville, Washington