UW Impact

Congratulations Graduates!

As a recent graduate you are deeply connected to the student experience at the UW. As you reflect on you college experience: what campus issues do YOU care about most? Student support services? Affordability and access? Getting into a high-demand degree program? Fight for all of this and more when you join UW Impact.

A program of the UWAA, UW Impact is a non-partisan program dedicated to engaging alumni in the democratic process and giving Husky graduates the information and training they need to be effective advocates for higher education. Keep the UW thriving for the next generation of Huskies by championing the issues that matter to students and alums!

As you launch into post-college life, UW Impact has the tools you need to help you understand and influence the legislative process, engage effectively with lawmakers and organizations, and make sure your voice is heard!  Check out our resources below to learn:

  • The basics of the legislative process
  • Different ways to engage in advocacy for positive social change
  • Practical tips for engaging lawmakers and politicians, both in-person and through written communication
  • How to support future students and higher education
  • How to join the greater community of UW advocates helping to keep college affordable and accessible for students.
  • And more!


Join UW Impact: Join our email list to learn the top legislative issues affecting students and higher education each legislative session and connect with other civically-engaged alumni through fun events and volunteer opportunities. Know when your voice will make the most impact!

UW Impact Legislative Training: This 30-minute recorded training covers the basics of the Washington State Legislature and the lawmaking process, provides guidance on how to frame your advocacy message, and contains the practical information needed to prepare you to meet with a local legislator or representative.  The training is centered on promoting important higher education priorities, but can be applied to any important cause!

UW Impact Resources: Want a template for writing an effective advocacy message to your legislators?  We’ve got you covered: 

Contact Your Legislators: Enter your name and address and take a moment to customize the message and our messaging portal will send an email to all three state legislators in your district with one click. 

District Dawgs: Learn how YOU can become one of the dedicated UW alumni advocating on behalf of students in each of the 49 state legislative districts.

UW Impact Website (UWImpact.org): So much more!  See upcoming legislative priorities for students and higher education, check out the Husky alumni currently working in the state legislature, see how prospective candidates feel about higher education issues, find out more about your local legislators, and much, much more.