2013 UW Impact Advocacy: By the Numbers

2013 was a great year for UW Impact, and we had fun reflecting on our strongest year of advocacy to date. Nearly 900 Huskies sent more than 3,000 messages to legislators, hosted meetings with their representatives or attended legislative events – all using UW Impact’s resources and tools.

Husky efforts to rally support for UW and higher education helped achieve our most critical goal: state reinvestment in higher education, and the first tuition freeze in years. YOUR advocacy efforts made a big impact in higher education across the state, and we are excited to keep momentum rolling into 2014.

Here’s a look at 2013 UW Impact efforts by the numbers:

Advocates in 48 out of Washington’s 49 legislative districts took action in 2013. Wow! The 13th district was our only district without an active UW Impact volunteer (know anyone in Ellensburg?)

The top six legislative districts with the highest number of active advocates include:

  1. 43rd District
  2. 46th District
  3. 41st District
  4. 36th District
  5. 48th District
  6. 1st District

How about by degree? In 2013, alumni with degrees in business, engineering and education participated in the greatest numbers.

More fun facts:

  • Our two most senior advocates graduated in 1947, and our most recent graduates are from the class of 2013.
  • By decade, graduates of the 1980s turned out in the greatest droves with 147 advocates – besting grads of the 1970s by one.
  • In total, UW Impact has UW graduates across 8 decades who are willing to advocate for the merits of higher education, and help generate support for generations of students to come.

We are proud of our work in 2013, and can’t wait to see what the New Year will bring! Go Huskies!