Become a District Dawg

You are a proud supporter of the UW. You have attended events, volunteered, and donated. You may even say you bleed purple and gold. But have you truly advocated for the UW?

A District Dawg is the official point of contact for his/her legislative district. By regularly communicating with your elected officials about the importance of higher education, you will help your legislators set their priorities. Our District Dawgs are the first to receive insider tips, relevant information and timely articles during the legislative session. Become a District Dawg today, read the job description and contact us for more information.

What we need:

A two-year commitment of service from an alum or friend of the UW in every legislative district. An interest in establishing relationships with legislators, alumni, neighbors and supporters of the UW, and a willingness to advocate for the economic, civic and cultural value of the UW and higher education for students, alumni and citizens throughout the state and beyond.

Every District Dawg will:

  • Initiate/cultivate a relationship with his/her state legislators via
    • Email,
    • Phone, and/or
    • Personal meetings.
  • Serve as a point of contact for interested alumni and friends in his/her district, and actively recruit new volunteers to participate in the District Dawg pack.
  • Deliver timely, relevant communications to elected officials using UW Impact messaging.
  • Participate in occasional UW Impact communications with District Dawgs throughout the state.

 In addition, we ask that every District Dawg accomplish at least three of the following six tasks during each year of the two-year term commitment.

  • Attend legislative district town hall meetings to ask questions in a public venue about support for higher education.
  • Attend at least one UW Impact event or UW legislative event as a representative from UW Impact.
  • Help disseminate UW Impact messaging through social media channels.
  • Seek out local media opportunities, such as blogs, newspapers, editorials and radio shows in order to share stories, and discuss the issues facing UW, alumni, faculty and staff.
  • Host at least one “Community Conversation” event with your district legislators to discuss the UW and higher education.

What’s in it for you?

  • Opportunities to attend exclusive District Dawg, UW Alumni Association and/or UW events including networking opportunities, lectures and professional development activities.
  • Access to critical and sensitive information relating to legislative action, lawmakers and priorities for the UW Alumni Association and the University of Washington.
  • Support, mentorship, resources, tools and UW Impact expertise as you learn about the legislative process, build relationships and engage with local constituents and stakeholders.
  • The opportunity to make a true impact on the future of UW, on behalf of students, alumni, faculty, staff and the citizens of the state of Washington.

Interested? Contact Jessica Monger, UW Impact Outreach Coordinator, at