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District Dawg Spotlight

A Dawg in each district: Building a better future for the UW, one relationship at a time

MEET JEAN-PAUL WILLYNCK, a former student regent, who now finds himself as an alum and District Dawg in the 34th Legislative District. Back in 2012, Willynck experienced annual tuition hikes as public funding for higher education was cut nearly in half.

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In the News

$12.5 Billion and Growing: The UW’s Economic Impact on Washington State

A RECENT REPORT FROM TRIPP UMBACH reveals that the University of Washington continues to be one of the largest economic drivers of our region. The study finds that the UW’s annual economic impact is now $12.5 billion, up from $9.1 billion just five years ago.

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On the Blog

Best Case Scenarios for the UW in the 2015 – 17 Compromise Budget

Budget negotiations between the House and Senate have begun in earnest after both chambers passed their operating and capital budgets. The two proposals generously funded a portion of the UW’s higher education priorities, but neither provided comprehensive funding.

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